Schematic Design

This is the first design iteration of the project where plans, elevations, and building sections are created to illustrate the expectations outlined in the client brief and any constraints uncovered by the site analysis. A three-dimensional representation is also presented to help the client visualize early iterations of the building form and its material quality.

Design Development

After schematic approval, the design is further detailed and refined so that preliminary cost estimates and any required value engineering can take place. Consultants are added to the team to augment the accuracy of project pricing. The end of this phase is a set of formatted drawings submitted to the town for review and approval.

Construction Documentation

This phase encompasses fully detailed and specified drawings to be used by the contractor for bidding and construction. This set, which includes wall sections, structural information, and door/window details, will be coordinated with the information provided by the project consultants. 

Construction Administration

Throughout construction, BH_do will act as a client representative during weekly site visits to uphold design intent by ensuring that the build is an accurate representation of the architectural set.